1976 Lüleburgaz/Kırklareli

2006-2009 He completed sculpture post-graduate program of Marmara University Fine Arts Institutes

1998-2002 He graduated from Department of Sculpture in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Marmara University.

1996-1998 He studied in Drawing Department in the Faculty of Education of Trakya University for two years.

He is currently performing paintings and sculptu res in his own studio in İstanbul

Solo Shows

2013 "Endurance" , Kare Art Gallery / İstanbul

2011 "Grammar" , Art Suites Gallery / İstanbul

2008 "Sensations" , Kare Art Gallery / İstanbul

2005 "Monologues and Dialogues" , AA Art Gallery /Ankara

Selected Group Shows

2013 Scope Basel International Contemporary Art Show /Basel

2012 1 0nd International Aspat Stone Sculpture Symposium Bodrum /Muğla

2012 "Terrace Exibitions <40" Proje 4 L, Elgiz Museum Contemporary Art/ İstanbul

2012 "Reality Terror" Depo, Asfalt Gallery, Mars Gallery/ İstanbul

2011 "Inspiration or Devil" Meeting Of Poem And Sculpture /Gallery Işık/İstanbul

2011 1st Hattuşa Naturel Stone Sculpture Symposium/ Çorum

2011 "Young Sculpture 2" Group Exhibition/Çırağan Palace Sculpture Gallery/İstanbul

2011 "8-İM" Group Exihibition/Artgalerim Art Gallery /İstanbul

2011 "Corrosion on Surface" / Group Exhibition/Art Suites Gallery/İstanbul

2011 "Finction" Group Exihibition / İstanbul Hatırası Photograph Center / Chamber of Architects / İstanbul

2010 7th International Alanya Stone Sculpture Symposium / Alanya

2010 "Young Sculpture 1" Group Sculpture Exhibition / Arte İstanbul Art Gallery /İstanbul

2010 " Cold Element" Group Exhibition /Beyoğlu Akademililer Art Gallery /İstanbul

2009 "Confrontation Performance" 17 August Gölcük

2008 Marmara Universtiy "50. Year Artists and Designers 2" Group Exhibition/ CKM/ İstanbul

2008 2nd International Dokimeon Stone Sculpture Symposium İsçehisar/ Afyon

2008 "Young Exit" Group Exhibition/ Department of Sculpture in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Marmara University / İstanbul

2008 Young Sculptors Exhibition /Artisan/ İstanbul

2007 Turkish Pharmacists’ Association 50th Anniversary Painting Competition Exhibition /Ankara/ Adana/ İzmir/ Bursa

2007 5thInternational İstanbul Stone Sculpture Symposium/ Fındıklı Park/ İstanbul

2006 Artforum Ankara Young Artists Painting Competition Exhibition /Ankara

2006 6th Şefik Bursalı Painting Competition/ State Fine Arts Gallery/ Ankara

2006 MacArt Gallery Young Artists’ Painting Competition, Group Exhibition /İstanbul

2005 "Artrol" Group Exhibition /İMSG/Istanbul

2005-2006 -2007 Art in Akmerkez 3 , 4 and 5 Group Exhibition /İstanbul

2004 14th İstanbul Art Fair Sculptors Associations’ Stand/ TÜYAP/ İstanbul

2004 Sculptors Association Group Sculpture Exhibition / Evin Art Gallery /İst

2003 64th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition /Ankara

2003 "One together" Group Sculpture Exhibition/ İlayda Art Gallery / İstanbul

2003 13th İstanbul Art Fair /Yurt ve Dünya Art Gallery/ Sculpture Association /TÜYAP/ İstanbul

2003"Anarchy 3" Group Exhibition- Kargart/ İstanbul

2002 63th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition /Ankara

2002 Hacettepe University, 1st National Graduation Exhibition /Ankara

2002Marmara University, "Asyak ası" Exhibition /İstanbul

1997-1998 Trakya University, Painting Department Art Exhibition, Türkan Sabancı Culture Centre / Edirne